USB Temperature & Humidty data Logger



Measure and log temperature and humidity data

Instant data download with PC/laptop

USB interface for set-up and data download

Easily re-configurable using included software

Selectable measurement in F or C

Time, date and unit synchronized your PC Specifications:

Memory: Max 16,320 temperature and relative humidity readings

Logging Interval: 60 seconds to 4 hours

Measure Temperature Range: -40 to 60C

Temperature accuracy: +/-1.0C under 0-50C

Measure humidity range: 10%-99%RH

Humidity accuracy: +/-4% under 20%-80%

Software: Windows 2000/XP/Vistal/7

Power: single 3V lithium battery ( INCLUDED )

Net Weight: 90g

Weight Included Package: 158g

Size: 86 x 60 x 19mm(L x W x H)