Soil Moisture sensor, Check water level in your pot plants


1:The PM100 Soil Moisture Sensor measures and displays the soil moisture level accurately using the capacitance principle.

2: The measured soil moisture level is displayed by LED, showing current soil moisture level.

3: Patent pending measurement principle, low cost but with very high reliablity.

4. Battery operated, very low power consumption( one battery can last up to one year)

5. shower proof construction design, works perfectly normal on outdoor open field enviornment.

6. LED flashes every 2.5s, possible to read the soil moisture data even in darkness. Moisture level sampled every 10 minutes.

7. Single MCU based solution, measuring the soil moisture reaing in the whole range between 0 to 100%

8. ideal for home and office plant vane moisture monitoring use

9. Very low temperature effected, can be used in harsh enviornment condition