Intelligent Battery Charger, FAST Charge, Discharge, Test condions of your Batts


Intelligent Battery Charger
Charges, tests, reconditions both NiCd and NiMH AA/AAA batteries.

Battery Charger IM268        
1.    Intended Use
The product is intended to charge and discharge NiCd or NiMH rechargeable batteries. It provides four independent charging slots for AA/AAA rechargeable batteries. The charger can also optimize and test the maximum capacity of the rechargeable batteries. Each charging slot has its own display to show various information, such as, charging current, battery voltage, charged capacity and used charging time.
The charging current can be selected from 200,500,700 and 1000mA. If two or less batteries are inserted in slot 1 and/or 4, the charging current can go up to 1500mA or 1800mA.
The charger can charge batteries of different type and size and with different capacity at the same time. It also integrates the minus delta voltage (-ΔV) function, which monitors the voltage over the charging cycle. When battery is fully charged, the charger will switch to trickle charging automatically. Therefore the battery will be kept at its optimum capacity. The charger also includes overheat detection to protect rechargeable batteries and charger itself from overheating.
The charger can only be powered by the specially designed power supply. Operate and store it in dry indoor environment only.

This product fulfills European and national requirements related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). CE conformity has been verified and the relevant statements are available upon request.

Unauthorized conversion and/or modification of the device are inadmissible because of safety and approval reasons (CE). Any usage other than described above is not permitted and can damage the product and lead to associated risks such as short-circuit, fire, electric shock, tec. Please read the operating instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference.

2.    Delivery Content
Battery Charger IM268                         1pcs
Power Adapter                                      1pcs
Operation Instructions                           1pcs
3.    Safety Instructions      
We do not assume liability for resulting damages to property or personal injury if the product has been abused in any way or damaged by improper use or failure to observe these operating instructions. The warranty will then expire!
3.1 Product Safety
l   The product must not be exposed to substantial mechanical strain or strong vibrations.
l   The product must be protected against electromagnetic files, static electrical fields, extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and moisture
l   The manufacturer’s instruction for the respective batteries must be observed, before they are charged.
l   The product should not be connected immediately after it has been brought from an area of cold temperature to an area of warm temperature. Condensed water might destroy the product. Wait until the product adapts to the new ambient temperature before use.
Sufficient ventilation is essential when operating the charger. Never cover the ventilating slots of the charger, especially when ambient temperature is over 35 degrees Celsius.
3.2  Battery Safety
l   Correct polarity must be observed while inserting the batteries.
l   Non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable alkaline batteries (RAM), lead acid batteries and lithium batteries must not be charged with this product. There is danger of explosion!
l   Batteries should be removed from the device if it is not used for a long period of time to avoid damage through leaking. Leaking or damaged batteries might cause acid burns when in contact with skin, therefore use suitable protective gloves to handle corrupted batteries.
l   Batteries must be kept out of reach of children. Do not leave the battery lying around, as there is risk, that children or pets swallow it.
Batteries must not be dismantled, short-circuited or thrown into fire. Never recharge non-rechargeable batteries. There is a risk of explosion!
3.3  Miscellaneous
l   Repair works must only be carried out by a specialist/specialist workshop.
l   If you have queries about handling the device, which are not answered in this operating instruction, please check with the distributor for further help.
4.    Operating Elements

5.    Power Supply
Only the shipped power adapter is allowed to be used for this charger!
When the charger is powered up, all LCD segments will light up momentarily. The “null” icon will be shown until any batteries are inserted.

6.    Operation
Once a rechargeable battery is inserted, its present voltage( for example, “1.12v”) will be displayed for 4 seconds, then “200mA Charge” will be shown on display for another 4 seconds. If MODE or CURRENT button is not pressed during these 8 seconds, the charging process will start. Afterwards, the charging current can no longer be changed without re-inserting the rechargeable batteries or re-power up the charger.
If completely empty or defective batteries are inserted into the charger, the “null” icon will be displayed on the display and the charger will refuse to charge them. Sometimes those completely empty batteries are still usable because they are not used for a long time. To avoid this refusal by the charger, we suggest charging them with a normal 3v battery pack for a few seconds before insert into the charger.  
6.1 Mode Selection
l   Press and hold the “MODE” button for 2 seconds to change the operating mode for all charging slots.
l   Press the “MODE” button subsequently to toggle among the “Charge”, ”Discharge”, ”Test” and “Refresh” mode

6.2 Current Selection
Within the first 8 seconds after insert the battery, press the “CURRENT” button to select desired charge current of 200, 500, 700 or 1000mA for slots inserted with batteries. The current can not be altered once the setting has been confirmed in the initial stage. If one wants to change the applied current afterwards, the rechargeable battery must be taken out and inserted again. The maximum charging current is restricted by the current setting of the first inserted battery current. Discharge current is automatically set to half of the selected charge current.

If two or less batteries are inserted in slot 1 and/or 4, the charging current can further be selected for 1500 or 1800mA. Maximum discharge current is limited to 500mA.

6.3 Display Selection
During or after the work mode complete, press the “DISPLAY” button to toggle among the display mode for voltage, current, capacity and work time.

7.    Overheat Protection
When overheating occurs, either batteries temperature over 55 degrees Celsius or charger controller board temperature over 70 degrees Celsius, the charging or discharging will be stopped immediately and the display will show “000mA”. The charging process will only resume once the temperature of the rechargeable batteries drops to 40 degrees or charger controller board drops to 50 degrees.

8.    Operation Modes and Display
8.1 Operation Modes:
l   Charge Mode: The rechargeable battery is charged up to its maximum capacity.
l   Discharge Mode: It is used to reduce the memory effect. The rechargeable battery is discharged to a preset battery voltage (0.9v). Once discharge is finished, the battery will be charged at the pre-selected charging current. Discharge current is always half of the selected charge current.
l   Refresh Mode: The rechargeable battery is charged and discharged repeatedly to optimize to its maximum capacity. Old rechargeable batteries or rechargeable batteries that have not been used for a long period of time can be restored to their rated capacity. Depends on the selected charge current, it can take tens hours or even days time before complete.
l   Test mode:  Checks the present capacity of a rechargeable battery. The maximum capacity is determined by discharging the rechargeable battery after it was fully charged. If the maximum capacity is much lower than the rated capacity then it may reach the end of its lifetime.

8.2  Display
l   Charge/Discharge Current: the instantaneous current is displayed.
l   Time Elapsed: The charging/discharging time of the last cycle is displayed.
l   Accumulated Capacity: The accumulated battery capacity is displayed in mAh or Ah.
l   Charge Voltage: The instantaneous battery voltage is displayed.
l   Full: After the rechargeable battery is fully charged in any of the operation modes, trickle charging will be started automatically. Trickle charging prevents the rechargeable batteries from being overcharged and compensates for self-discharging of the batteries
*The Timer will resume and count from 0:00 again after the time elapsed is longer than 20 hours. For example: 1:45 will be shown if the time elapsed is 21hours and 45 minutes.

9.    Maintenance
The device is maintenance-free but should be cleaned occasionally. When cleaning, the device must be removed from any power source. Only use dry and soft cloth to clear the housing of the charger. Do not use abrasive or solvents.

10.  Disposal
10.1 Disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment
In order to preserve, protect and improve the quality of environment, protect human health and utilize natural resources prudently and rationally, the user should return unserviceable product to relevant facilities in accordance with statutory regulations.
The crossed-out wheeled bin indicates the product needs to be disposed separately and not as municipal waste.

10.2 Used batteries/rechargeable batteries disposal
The user is legally obliged (battery regulation) to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries. Disposing used batteries in the household waste is prohibited! Batteries/rechargeable batteries containing hazardous substances are marked with the crossed-out wheeled bin. The symbol indicates that the product is forbidden to be disposed via the domestic refuse. The chemical symbols for the respective hazardous substances are Cd= Cadmium, Hg = Mercury, Pb = Lead.
You can return used batteries/rechargeable batteries free of charge to any collecting point of your local authority.
11.  Technical Data

Operating Voltage
Power Adapter
100~240V~, 50/60Hz
3.0V DC, 4.0A
Charging Current range
200 ~ 1800 mA
Discharging Current range
100 ~ 500 mA
Max. Charging Capacity
Operating Temperature
0 to 40 ℃