Digital Weather forecast station with Moon Phase


With this wireless device you can always be aware of what the outside temperature is,
without having to actually go outside (more than 30 meters in open field )

Sunrise and sunset times of 150 cities in European

Moon rise and moon set time times of 150 cities in European

DCF radio controlled time

Transmission range: up to 30meter (300 feet) open air between sensors (Max up to 3 sensor, this unit includes Ch 1 sensor , you can buy CH 2  & Ch 3  Separately )

Important Notice :  for UK Time   Please set  -1  on Time Zone Setting  

1. Indoor humidity display
2. Indoor temperature unit(°C/°F)
3. Maximum temperature and humidity
4. Weather forecast icon
5. Minimum temperature and humidity
6. RF channel
7. RF reception icon
8. Outdoor humidity display
9. Outdoor humidity tendency indicator
10. Outdoor temperature high alarm
11. Outdoor temperature low alarm
12. Outdoor temperature tendency indicator
13. Outdoor temperature display
14. City display
15. Moonrise time for selected city
16. Moonset time for selected city
17. moon phase
18. Weeks of a year
19. Day of the week
20. Sunset time for selected city
21.Sunrise time for selected city
22. Alarm 2 (effective from Saturday to Sunday)
23.Alarm 1 (effective from Monday to Friday)
24. Time
25. Radio controlled time reception icon
26. DST
27. Pressure with 12 hour history graph
28. Pressure display (inHg or hPa)
29. Pressure history hour
30. Indoor temperature display
31. Comfort icon
32. Indoor humidity tendency indicator
Moon phase (over 52 Europe country sunrise & sunset time and moon rise & moon set time ).Not Include USA

1) There are 150 European cities for selection
2) The sunrise/sunset times and moonrise/moonset times will be calculate automatically base on the selected city.
3) The order of the city name according to the above list.
Radio control DCF version only.(For Europe Country Only
Power: 6.0V DC.
Accuracy: ±1.5C, ±5%.
This product is used in measuring and displaying humidity and temperature.
Date setting.
Alarm setting.
Snooze function.
Temperature and humidity display.
Moon phase.
CE, R &TTE, RoHS of components.
Outdoor unit built of durable UV-protection material, weather-proof.
Large LCD display with big wording display

3 X 1.5 AA battery ( Not include)

Receiver Front Plastic Color : Sliver Grey
Sensor Color : White
Outdoor data
Transmission distance in open field: 80 meter max.
Frequency: 433MHz
Temperature range: -50℃ to +70℃ (show LL.L or HH.H if outside range)
Resolution :0.1℃
Measuring range rel. humidity:20%〜95%
Humidity accuracy:+/-1% under 0-50℃
Measuring interval thermo-hygro sensor: 57sec
Water proof level:IPX3

Indoor data
Measuring interval pressure : 15 minutes.
Indoor temperature range: 0℃ to +50℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Measuring range rel. humidity: 1%〜99%
Pressure accuracy: +/-3hPa under 850hPa – 1050hPa
Resolution/Accuracy: 0.1hPa
Alarm duration: 120 sec


Receiver: 14cm (L) X 11.5cm (H) X 1.5cm (W)

Outdoor sensor 3cm(L) X 12cm (H) X 1.5cm (W)